Products for Italian-style gelato

Milk and fruit bases, enhancers, ripples, gelato pastes, and even preparations for yogurt and sorbets, toppings, and decorations for patisserie

Gelart products reflect our company philosophy, where our search for quality meets flexibility, drive, and attention to the needs of our clients.
The Imperial Milk (Crème brûlée), Lemon Sorbet, ACE, whole-fruit ripples are just some examples of Gelart’s knack for creating original products and keeping up with the changing needs of consumers.
Indeed, the ready-to use bases with freeze-dried fruit and sugar-free products are perfect examples of our efforts to keep our clients satisfied.

Certified organic products

Quality and wholesomeness guaranteed by nature

Milk bases

Creamy and smooth with so many to chose from

Fruit Bases

Freshness and variety for the perfect mix


High-performance gelato


The many shades of a classic

Ready to use

Surprising flavours

Soft & Yogurt

The new flavour trend is soft

Light & Soy

Plenty of flavour, just a few calories

Classic pastes

The best ingredients for excellent results

Fruit pastes

Only selected fresh fruit for a quality concentrate


Variations on a theme of fantasy


That little extra touch that makes it irresistible


Freedom to create

Slushes, sorbets & semifreddo

Sweet refreshing perfection


A perfect balacne of softness and form


Easy to use for a spectacular finale